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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer House Party with Buddy B!

My friend Tracey and Merv drove down from Connecticut for 3 pm and stayed until 8 pm. Kevin joined us and we had a terrific time hanging out in my air-conditioned entertainment room. We had plenty of hors de'oeuvres and Kevin supplied the fresh shrimp from Brooklyn Market. After we feasted, and talked over wine and beer as we conversed, we moved the party to Kevin's apartment.

There we all watched Storm Warning (1951) with Ginger Rogers and Doris Day. Everyone was impressed by its theme of two sisters vs. the Ku Klux Klan, with a storyline that resembles Streetcar Named Desire in various ways.

Following our entertainment for the day, we shoved off, trying to decide on a restaurant. Dinner options included Everything Greek and Ammonia Cafe, but we finally all decided on Salty Dog, an old firehouse converted into a restaurant. Within the air-conditioned red brick walls, we ordered dinner. Mine was chicken francese with mixed veggies and a side of the thickest, largest onion rings I ever saw in my life. Not greasy either.

Tracey and Merv generously treated us to the meal.

We returned to Kevin's apartment. There was some mutual gifting. Tracey and Merv gave me a bottle of my favorite strawberry wine from Hartford's Boone's Farms and I gave them the gigantic mugs Kevin brought back on my request that his friend, Jan Fisher's husband Jim, makes by hand. Everyone left gifted -- materially but also on a contact high amongst one another.

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