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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Travels with Beaverhausen: Sally Kellerman @ Feinstein's @ the Nikko

Sally Kellerman was every bit as awesome at Feinstein's (set inside the glamorous Nikko hotel) in San Francisco last night as she was when I saw her in NYC at 54 Below in January. Her set was basically the same, though extended with at least two additional songs, including Sarah Gazark's heartbreaking "The Lies of Handsome Men" and the pop classic, "Story of Love," her finale.

Her West Coast show found her in hippie mode, much looser and more glib than she was in Manhattan. She was dressed in faded jeans and a casual Jean Paul Gaultier top. She conducted an impromptu Q&A with the audience. Someone asked a question I didn't consider in our q&a, and that was about working with the late Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School (1986). Mss K said it was a very pleasant memory for her and that Mr D was quite the soft-spoken gentleman when he didn't have to be "on." She was further pressed as to why she chose to quote poet Dylan Thomas in that film. "Chose?" Sally chuckled. "Hey, I'm just an actress. They give me a script, I recite the lines. But ok, now I know it was Dylan Thomas!"

The star w/ Buddy B
After the show, Sally and I met in the lobby. I bought her latest cd this time, and she autographed it for me. I explained I brought my friends that just moved to SF with me to her show and that I was not doing a creepy stalker thing as it was a coincidence she was performing at the time. Sally laughed, saying "Stalk away! Actually, it's kismet!" as she gratefully signed the cd.

Thank you, Ms Kellerman! My extended family, Steve and Ilene, loved the show. They were very touched, being parents, by Ms K's rendition of Paul Williams/ Kenny Hirsch's "I Still Miss You." The show was, each and every moment, a precious pleasure. How often is that the case?
Ilene & Steve @ the Nikko bar 
Sally's autographed cd

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