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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Random Thoughts: The Pope in America, part 1

The Prez and Pope share a good laugh after reading Leave It to Beaverhausen
Yesterday, a gentleman arrived from Rome; he wore the yarmulke and I stayed home.

The Pope arrived in Washington, DC, to the cheers befitting a rock star as he stepped from his Alitalia flight, not a private jet. I wonder if he insisted on flying coach! It would be cool to sit next to His Holiness on a flight as I know a lot of good nun jokes he might get a kick out of.

I admit I'm a big fan of this guy. I was born and raised Catholic and, as far as I'm concerned, he is the perfect model of what Catholicism ~ and, indeed, Chistianity ~ is really all about, including his humbleness and modesty. Rock on, Papi, rock on!

He met with the President and First Lady ~ two more of my favorite people ~ on the tarmac at about 4 pm EST. Tea Party people are madder than wet hens. They're all about God and country until it doesn't suit their agenda; then they're about disrespecting religions, smearing people like our Pope as "leftys" and favoring social anarchy. Like making pronouncements that one only need follow the law if one believes in it. Well, try telling that to a cop and see where it gets you! And, hey, this Pope used to be a bouncer at a club in Argentina, and when he laid his mitts on you back then, it wasn't in an effort to heal you; so, watch your mouths if you know what I'm sayin'! Bette Midler Tweeted: The Pope is visiting the US! He cares for the poor and respects the environment - how long until he's labeled a "dangerous foreign radical"?

But the Prez and Big Daddy get along just fine. They're of like minds, they're men of peace, and they genuinely seem to like one another. I get such joy watching them talk and laugh together. Two kindred spirits.

As a teenager, it began to dawn on me that democratic socialism and Christianity made fine bedfellows. Jesus' message, after all, is to help the poor, the needy, the hungry, the outcasts! Well, now, listen to me go on! My, why, I should become a priest. Father Buddy. After all, I've got the celibacy part down pat! I just worry I'd gossip about what I heard in the confessionals.

So, welcome to our shores, Pope Francis! NYC awaits you... and I'll have more to say about that when the time comes.

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