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Friday, October 9, 2015

Audio Beaverhausen: Janet Jackson Is Unbreakable

Janet Jackson gets her groove back with her new release, Unbreakable. Buddy Beaverhausen gave this a listen and was not disappointed in the pop singer's new effort.

Janet is now a survivor and she's out to prove it to us. This album has a new gritty/ funky quality replacing the sweetness of her younger years. ("Too much sugar is bad for your smile" are lyrics from the single "No Sleep.) Songs of experience.

I bought my copy of Unbreakable on cd at Rebel Rebel on Bleecker off Christopher Streets. The cd has liner notes, lyrics and photos.

Janet no longer has the whispy, girly sound of her early days. Her voice has strengthened and toughened with time. Lots of brass on this album, including trombones and trumpets. It's a new but becoming sound for her. She and her band also conjure up memories of Sly & the Family Stone in "Gon' Be Alright." Her first single from the album is "No Sleep," a rather sexy little tune. I expect to see it climb the singles charts soon.

Overall, despite a couple of misfires out of 17 tracks, this album is recommended to Janet fans, produced by Jam & Lewis, her old collaborators. R&B, dance music, adult/contemporary, rock, soul, it has it all going on!

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