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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Marcella Puppini's first name is pronounced Marchella; not Marsella. She has just released a solo album, which we discuss in our Q&A. She is also the founding member of the Puppini Sisters, who have a new album coming our way in early 2016. She is a gifted singer, trained in opera, an artist and a clothes designer who's worked for Vivienne Westwood. I spoke with Marcella over the phone. She resides in London.

Buddy Beaverhausen: What drew you to the '30s-'40s big band and swing styles, and harmonies with The Puppini Sisters?
Marcella Puppini: It really came out of loving The Manhattan Transfer, though their harmonies are a bit more strident than ours. I've always been very into harmony music and jazz. I was always into big band music, I love Duke Ellington, and then I got into The Andrew Sisters. And that's when I got the idea of girl-group harmonies and The Puppini Sisters.

BB: Rumor has it The Puppini Sisters also have an upcoming album. Is that true?
MP: Absolutely. We're all very excited. It's set for a March 2016 release. We just finished recording it at the end of September.

BB: I last saw the group at BB King's in NYC. Will the group be touring again in the USA?
MP: Yes, I expect so. The laws have changed regarding taxes but we're figuring out a way of doing it.

BB: Now that we're in this election year in America, what is your view from abroad on what's going on here politically?
MP: I just find it really, really frightening! I think we're all, frightened for you in the States. If conservatives have their way, it would be very dark science indeed for everyone but white, straight males.
BB: I find the whole "open carry" gun thing total insanity. Thank God we don't have that in NY.
MP: Fabulous. Over here, we just don't understand that at all. And the whole religious issue. Isn't it part of your Constitution that denies that?
BB: Yes! Absolutely.
MP: So many decisions are being made on "Christian values", and I don't get it.
BB: Neither do a lot of us.
MP: I even got into an argument on Facebook with someone. Stupid of me, but I couldn't let that slide by. I think your Republican Party is pushing a dangerously fascist-like agenda that we, in the UK and Europe know too well.

BB: Might you be coming to NYC to promote your solo album?
MP: Yes, I'm speaking to an agent about this. We're being promoted on an American label now, which is good news.

BB: I'm sure you're aware you have a large gay following. And my blog has a large LGBT fan base.
MP: Wonderful!
BB: Any shout-outs to your LGBT fans?
MP: I have enormous gratitude for a community that has supported everything I have ever done, and that has shown me love (and fun!) since I first moved to London. I'd be nowhere without the drag artists I worked with at Madame JoJos (when I was a tequila girl), who taught me how to put on make-up properly. Or without the girls at the Candy Bar in Soho, where I used to do podium dancing when I was a student. (That was fun!!) Without the gay community, the world would be such a sad place indeed. So much art and creativity comes to us from that community and enriches us all! Plus, so much strength for positive change.

BB: Much success with your new album and where can fans find it currently.
MP: Currently at

BB: Thank you very much for taking out your time to do this Q&A with me.
MP: Thank you! And I love reading your blog. I enjoy your edge and your comments. I'm not going to use the word campy....
BB: It's ok, feel free! I love it!
MP; [laughs] Ok. It's a dream-come-true blog. You like all the things that I like!

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