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Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Countdown 2015: City of the Dead/Horror Hotel ~ the full movie

Horror Hotel is the title for the American market of the UK's City of the Dead. Here it is in all its glory; the entire film on my Halloween Countdown this year. Perfect for your Friday night.

The late Christopher Lee, Betta St. John and an accomplished British cast portray Bostonians who, largely, happen to have veddy English accents for the most part.

A trim and economical film released in 1960, the first by Amicus Productions, it was made at under 90-minutes with double-bill status in mind. I saw this movie, as a kid, at the US Theater in Paterson, NJ (on a double-bill with Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory) and still have great affection for it. One of my favorite horror films of all-time.

The sets and characters are especially unforgettable. Mr Lee, of course, but also Patricia Jessel -- who I think bears a strong resemblance to Annie Lennox, Jonathan Dyall as Jethro Keane, Venetia Stevens as the plucky coed Nan Barlow, and Ann Beach as the sad sack mute hotel maid Lottie.

The overriding message to the film, in my estimation, is don't stand up your boyfriend on a date -- or all hell will break loose. You in danger, girl!

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  1. I saw this at either the Fabian (Paterson), or the Central (Passaic).....loved it!