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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Countdown 2015: The Little Blue Man

In light of posting Judy Garland singing "The Purple People Eater" yesterday on my Halloween Countdown, here's another sci-fi-based novelty tune from the same era.

"Little Blue Man" (1958) was a cute, little diddy sung by Betty Johnson, best known for her 1957 version of "Little White Lies." I guess colors and the word "little" were her lucky charms.

Johnson's voice is very Doris Day-cum-Patti Page. This single was a radio and commercial hit in its day.

As a kid, I loved it. My Mom bought the 45 to play at home. She liked the song herself and would sing me to sleep at bedtime with this as she gently ran her fingers through my hair.

The scariest thing about this record is what the singer does to the Little Blue Man in the end. "I don't wub you any more!" Schizophrenic delusion or close encounter of the third kind?

The song was later covered by Petula Clark:

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