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Thursday, October 22, 2015

On the Town with Buddy Beaverhausen: Julie Budd, the Boys & the Booze

Me, Julie, Nick (l. to r.)
Julie Budd returned to the Metropolitan Room to belt out Frank Sinatra and Sinatra-associated tunes last night. She was delightful as always from start to finish.

Her talent to amuse was evident, from start to finish, in her patter. It was a night of both laughter and thunderous applause. The joint was jumpin'!

Ms. Budd was in no-holds-barred mode. When she finished off with "I'll Be Seeing You," Nick and I both wept because it was a favorite tune of our mothers -- who left us exactly two and three years ago to the day.

Julie's heartfelt renditions are her forte. Although her voice is frequently compared to Streisand's, Nick and I agreed Julie's voice is even better as it rarely slips into vibrato mode.Viva la Julie!

Incidentally, I thought Julie's guitarist, Sean Harkness, bore a strong resemblance to my doctor (Spinelli), so I asked him if we could take a picture of us together. Honestly, Dr S and he could be twins!

After the show, Nick and I went down to our haunt, The Monster, on Grove Street in the Village. Must have been my lucky night as I met two very tall, good-looking young men who took a distinct interest in me for whatever reason.

The first guy (left) lives in neighboring Bensonhurst. I make it my policy not to take people home on the night that we've just met. Besides, my house was kind of messy, but a date is in the cards. I offered him a ride back in the cab with me, but he declined. I also got mystery date #2's phone number. My pheromones must have kicked into high gear after Julie's show! Just some innocent fun at Nick's and my after-party.

By the way, Nick and I had VIP seating at the Metropolitan Room, thanks to both club manager Bernie Furshpan and performer Dorothy Bishop. The cheese platter was fabulous! I was scrupuously clean-shaven tonight at Nick's insistence as, in my last photo with Julie, I was a little grungy under the chin line. Thanks once again to friend Richard Skipper, Julie's press manager, for inviting us... and for taking our picture (at top)!

As for tonight, how much more fabulous could it get?! Seems I'm officially back On the Town again.

Julie's new album, Remembering Mr Sinatra, is available on cd and for downloading on-line. It can be purchased through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

Julie will return to the Metropolitan Room on December 10. The club is already taking reservations.

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