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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This Is It! Exclusive Q&A with Melba Moore part 2

Melba Moore basically needs no introduction. She is a diva to be reckoned with; one who has conquered the Broadway stage, the recording industry and, now, cabaret. I am thrilled, then, to present to you our exclusive Q&A. This is it! 

Buddy Beaverhausen: Besides working with such luminaries, you are an icon in your own right! What was it like to win a Best Performer in a Musical Tony for Purlie! at such a young age?
Melba Moore: It was so exciting! I had no idea what was going on around me. Dizzying! I have to watch the videotape today to know what was going on. [laughs] I mean, I spent so much time learning how to be that character and have her accent, and even learning what was stage right and stage left at that time! At the Awards ceremony, because it was on tv, all the lights were on and I could see Pearl Bailey! I could see Lauren Bacall! It was incredible! Jack Jones was the announcer on that show and he was always drunk! So he said my name all wrong. Suddenly, I heard the audience chant "Melba Moore! Melba Moore!" I was so discombobulated that night.
   But it still has had such a dramatic effect on my life because people truly appreciate and respect the Tony Awards.

BB: Before Purlie!, you were in Hair. And you did the famous nude scene in that?
MM: Right.
BB: Were you in Hair at the Public Theater or when it moved to Broadway?
MM: When it moved to Broadway.
BB: I've interviewed Lala Brooks and know she was in that.
MM: I love her! We sang "White Boys" together. We had a ball. She is wonderful!

BB: What directed you towards being a disco diva?
MM: My label knew that was what was happening at the time and, so, I had many hits in that genre, happily! But it was the times; I mean, even Ethel Merman put out a disco album.
BB: [laughs] Well, it wasn't quite the same as yours!
MM: "This Is It" was very successful for me. Van McCoy helped usher this sound in and I had a big hit with "This Is It"!

BB: What drew you to the Metropolitan Room as a room you'd like to perform in?
MM: Well, my team and I scoped it out and thought it had a great vibe. Also, Bernie and Joanne are wonderful to deal with. The Metropolitan Room has such a great feel and style to it, and I can have an intimacy with my audience which is wonderful! And cabarets are making a great comeback now. It's so great to meet with our audiences.
BB: Can't wait to see you at Bernie's place!

BB:You were marvelous at the Sarah Dash birthday brunch at 54 Below. How long have you known Sarah and Nona Hendryx?
MM: Well, Sarah used to work for my production company. She and Nona are like family to me! They're both wonderful. Sarah is so sweet, generous and kind. And so genuine.

BB: My blog has a lot of LGBT readers. I think they'd be curious if you've ever seen yourself impersonated or lip-synched to live.
MM: No, actually I'm aware of all this but I've never seen myself impersonated. Very flattering though!

BB: You have a new cd coming out. Please talk about that.
MM: Yes, it has a new single from it called "What Can I Do to Survive?". It will be available on-line and at stores everywhere.

BB: Any last shout-outs?
MM: Yes,thank you!  I want to thank all your readers for their support. It means so much to me.  I think my show at the Metropolitan Room on October 30 will sell out, so please buy tickets now while they last. Thank you, Buddy Beaverhausen! And I  hope you'll enjoy my soon-to-be-releases album! Bless you all! Lots of love!

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  1. Great Blog!!! I love Melba Moore unique style and wisdom. She is one of kind. And I appreciate her!!!