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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Is It! EXCLUSIVE Q&A with the One & Only Ms. Melba Moore ~ part 1

Melba Moore basically needs no introduction. She is a diva to be reckoned with; one who has conquered the Broadway stage, the recording industry and, now, cabaret. I am thrilled, then, to present to you our exclusive Q&A. This is it! 

Buddy Beaverhausen: I understand you come from a musical family. Could you tell us more about that?
Melba Moore: Absolutely. My father was a musician as was my mother, who also sang. She married my stepfather, also a musician. My brother, who passed away, was a wonderful pianist who majored in Music in college. I went to college at Montclair State Teacher's College, New Jersey, majoring in Music. So music was the centerpiece of our lives.

BB: You'll be performing at the Metropolitan Room on October 30th. What might audiences expect?
MM: I hope to do a few little surprises because this is going to be my third or fourth time at the Metropolitan Room. Cabaret audiences have really evolved and they have even more sophisticated tastes nowadays. I'll probably perform songs from Broadway shows and some things from the Great American Songbook. Maybe something by Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra or Streisand. Of course, I'll be singing songs from my own Broadway shows.
BB: And will you be singing "This Is It?"
MM: You know, we're getting several request for that song. So I'll consult with some people and, if we feel it's appropriate for the room, well do it.

BB: You've worked with so many great people throughout your career. Who were some of your favorites?
MM: Oh, so many, it's hard to think. I just worked with Jeanie Tracy, who worked with the late, great Sylvester. Recently sang with Jean Carne. So many wonderful voices!
BB: Anyone you've worked with, then thought, "Mmmm... Maybe not again?"
MM: You know, I'll work with anyone. We don't need to have an ideal relationship personally. I've had some bad experiences with promoters, but not talent. Even Anita Baker, who is known for being not easy to get along with. She was always nice to me. Maybe because I don't compete with other singers when I sing.

BB: I remember seeing you as a guest on Bea Arthur's variety special in 1980. What was it like working and singing with the late Ms Arthur?
MM: Oh, she was so sweet and kind to me. She also came from a stage background and had a really good voice. I enjoyed singing Fats Waller songs with her. A gentle lady and a kind spirit. And, of course, she was so tall and white and I am so short and dark, we made a good pair. I sang "Your Feets Too Big" to her. [laughs] And the costumes and gowns were to die for. It was great fun. Great, great fun! And everything on that show was top-notch: the production, the musicians. Rock Hudson was on that show too, and Wayland Flowers and Madame, his wonderful puppet. I had a ball!

Thanks to Ron Richardson, Bernie Furshpan and Sarah Dash for helping set up this Q&A.

[Stay tuned for part 2 coming very, very soon.]

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  1. What a great trip down memory lane...enoyed the You Tube insertion