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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Audio Beaverhausen: Adele's 25

Adele, a fellow Taurean, is now 27. Her new album is 25. Her previous albums were 19 and 21. I wonder if she sits around the house, scratching her head, wondering "What should I call this one?"

One proposed single off 25 is titled "When We Were Young." When was she not?

Adele has slimmed down physically though her voice is as big as ever. She's a married lady with a baby now.

Don't you find it funny that Adele says The Spice Girls were her biggest musical influence? And she's not joking!

As for 25, it may not be her greatest masterpiece as an artist, though it's passionately sung (with lots of echo) and accompanied on piano with lush orchestrations and back-up vocals. But Adele's lyrics of love lost are a bit well worn at this stage in her career. There's something sadly stagnant about this set of soulful torch songs.

Adele would be well advised to move on thematically. A little added Spicey pop would be refreshing, for instance. Still, the album is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Perfect for any pity party. Recommended with reservations.

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