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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Audio Beaverhausen: Everything Is Beautiful with Marcella Puppini

Marcella Puppini's new solo album is every bit as upbeat as its title insists. Everything Is Beautiful is now available through as a UK import though, at the time of this posting, it has temporarily sold out. An American label is expected to release a domestic edition soon.

The new album is from the "queen of electro-swing" But heavy is not the head that wears that crown, as Marcella's wonderful sense of optimism and good cheer is as distinct as it is disarming, something the world ~ and pop music ~ are in need of these days.

Pop culture is very much on Ms Puppini's mind, evident in titles like "Stop Googling Me" and in odes to media icons Betty Boop and Doris Day.

In "Let's Stay in Bed" and "In the Mood for Trouble," Marcella's mischievous side toys with listeners. Everything Is Beautiful's title track is a fabulous modern honky-tonk number that will have you qvelling with delight. [Link below.] Throughout, the singer's sense of tongue-in-cheek, campy humor is very much on display. I'm in her camp!

You can't stay in a foul mood if you listen to this album, I guarantee. Sleekly produced throughout, it makes for a great holiday present and ~ while you're at it ~ snap up one for yourself!

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