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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Video Beaverhausen: Ann-Margret Is a Kitten with a Whip ~ a Camp Classic

Kitten with a Whip was released in 1964 and became an instant camp classic. Why, Ann-Margret actually parodies her sex kitten image in this flick  -- unintentionally, of course.

John Forsythe co-stars, long before he was known as family patriarch Blake Carrington on tv's Dynasty, and somehow manages to lend some dignity to this trash.

A-M plays a juvenile delinquent who escapes from a home for wayward girls after stabbing a matron and attempting to burn the place down.

Forsythe is a gullible politician who takes her in. Pretty dumb; I can only imagine he's a Republican. Before you can say "scandal," he finds himself on a nightmare ride with Annie and her j.d. friends, on their way to Mexico to escape the law at gunpoint.

"Every man who sees her digs her... but she digs kicks of a very special kind," reads one of the film's taglines. Forsythe is typically stalwart and the cast manages to keep straight faces throughout the outrageous proceedings. Kitten with a Whip bears plot resemblances to Lady in a Cage, all of which are apparent upon viewing.

Available on dvd via on Uiniversal's Vault Series.

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