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Monday, January 4, 2016

Cine Beaverhausen: Victor Frankenstein

In this revionist but very interesting spin on on the Mary Shelley Gothic classic, Victor Frankenstein, Daniel Radcliffe plays Igor, whose point of view the story is told. I must say Mr Radcliffe chooses the most interesting and challenging projects nowadays.

So, back to the mad lab once again! It distinctly takes its influences from Hammer and Universal films.

James McAvoy plays Victor Frankenstein. Good chemistry between these fine actors. Dark and disturbing at times but that's Gothica for you. Mark Landis' screenplay is excellent.

"You know this story," says Igor right at the start. "A crack of lightning, a mad genius, an unholy creation!" And monsters are born. Resulting in the famous monster, herein played by the great Charles Dance.

At a fairly economic running time, it's well worth you time.

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