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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: Nicole Kidman Is... Queen of the Desert??

Nicole Kidman tackles risky but interesting projects. The burning question is how many box-office flops can her career withstand?

This picture paints a picture of an unchanging Middle East. It is a biopic of photographer Gertrude Bell, and a very fascinating one at that.

The sands are alive with the sight of Gertrude. Kidman looks great in this, playing a much younger character. Next thing we know she'll be playing Queen of the Jungle.

This actress is still a screen queen still despite box-office receipts, however. James Franco is her co-star. Quality drama!

I can distinctly recommend watching this flick. Unfortunate it didn't get wider distribution. After all, sand worked for Matt Damon; why not for Nicole?

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