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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Exclusive Q&A with MargOH Channing!

Buddy Beaverhausen:: It was such s great pleasure to finally see your show. At Pangea, your guest star was Broadway's Nellie McKay. Your first show there  had Randy Jones of the original Village People with you. How do you manage to attract such wonderful artists to share your stage?
MargOH Channing: Well, I happen to know both of them from years ago. Nellie was a guest on the Manhattan cable tv show I had, and that's how we met.

BB: What, and who, inspires your material?
MC: I was a big fan of exploitation films, especially Russ Meyers. So I got the idea of doing MargOH from those films. Also, my own mother, who's a lot of fun and has always been a big jokester.

BB: How did you hook up with your co-star Man-ee Champagne? You make a great team.
MC: I've known Manny for over 20 years. It's an old love affair story; we met at a bar. It was in Providence, Rhode Island but we moved together to New York.

BB: Any plans to return to Pangea?
MC: Yes, I expect to be back there on May 19th
BB:Yay! Just after my birthday!
MC: Show's called "Hello, It's Me, Margoh!" We're lining up guests and, of course, Manee will be with me.

BB: What are your favorite movies of all-time?
MC: So many! My number one is Moonstruck with Cher. And anything with Judy Garland.

BB: It was so great seeing your mom with you at the show. She obviously supports what you do.
MC: She's a big supporter. And it was great for me to see her here in Manhattan, at Pangea, supporting me. All my family supports me.

BB: How do you play drunk so well?
MC: I had some practice. [laughs]. But it's acting. Part of my character. I watched Totie Fields, Foster Brooks. But you really can't drink and go on-stage. I learned that early on.

BB: Who are your favorite divas nowadays? And who are your most despised?
MC: That's a tough one. I love Adele. So talented and seems so down-to-Earth. Love Madonna; saw the Rebel Heart concert twice.  I don't really care for Iggy Azealia. Just kind of annoying. Not a big fan of Rihanna, either. A little too over the top for me.

BB: It was my friend, Nick Lion, who introduced me to your show. How do you know Nick?
MC: He's been such a big supporter for me and I love him. But we only hooked up on-line.

BB: Any last shout-outs to our readers?
MC: Thanks for your support. Lots of love. And come see my show in May!

BB: Thank you so much MargOH!
MC: Thank you, Buddy Beaverhausen!

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  1. A very nice Interview between two very special people in my you both, and may each of your careers continue to climb onward and upward!