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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: Joan Crawford in TROG

Bette Davis said of Trog that if she ever found herself in something like that, she'd commit suicide. Actually, Bette had done as bad or worse toward the bitter end of her career. Think Wicked Stepmother!

A troglodyte is a cave dwelling human and that's where Trog gets his cutesy nickname.

Joan stars as anthropologist Dr Brockton. Michael Gough is on hand as her nemesis. He riles up the townspeople against the creature.

This 1970 movie's a mess but it's such a guilty pleasure i've now watched many times.

Directed by Herman Cohen, Trog is a lot of unintentional laughs, Of course, I couldn't help but wodner what Trog would have smelled like, and if Dr Brockton got him potty trained.

Trog goes on a rampage in the finale, kidnapping a child. Joan obviously got drunk to get through this. Hear her say "Trog livesh on a diet of fish and lizardsh." Or. my favorite, "Get me my hypogun!"

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