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Monday, April 11, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts on the Passing of Tom Jones' Wife

It was confirmed today that Tom Jones' wife left this mortal coil today.

She died of cancer. The couple had been married since 1957! It was an intense, mostly happy marriage, though it's been largely mentioned in the press that his spouse, Linda, sometimes beat him because of his philandering and his affair with long-time Mary Wilson of The Supremes. Elvira (CassandraPeterson) says Mr Jones is the man who popped her cherry! Lucky Lady!

Still, it's a sad end to a long-time companion. Another celebrity gone too soon this year.

Tom has, of course, cancelled his concert tour for now. That irrepressible hunk o' burnin' love is in mourning, and we wish him well.

A Tom Jones musical just opened in the UK. I wonder how this development will affect that production.

The couple had one soon together.

RIP,  Melinda Rose/ Lady Woodward.

Underwear anyone?

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