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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rubbing Elbows: My Brushes with Celebrities chapter 3

I've been hard at work on my proposed memoirs. Here's chapter 3:

I grew up in a somewhat obsessed-with-entertainment household tat helped mold and groom me for what I do today.

My uncle, Patrick Tuohey, was a singer who started in the business as one of the Startime Kids, a popular tv show in the 1950s. He was on at the time with Connie Francis and had a kiddie crush on her.

Her career took off but my uncle's didn't due to family setbacks of one or another.

"If your Uncle Pat couldn't make it, none of us can make it''' was one of the negative mottos I frequently heard around the house where I grew up with my mom and grandparents; my uncle's parents as well. They meant well, trying to protect us, but drilled a toxic message into my head.

This message only made me more determined as I matured. In high school, I joined the glee club. In college, I joined an acting troupe. After my days at University of Colorado, I moved from my humble roots in Paterson, NJ to Manhattan. I had a cabaret act, singing. I was an underground, Super-8 filmmaker. And I continued to write, which has always been my greatest talent and passion.

I found my niche as a celebrity blogger in 2009 that has gown and it's viewed internationally. with over 13,000 views monthly. Beat that, People magazine!

Flash forward: 20015 and I am press-passed to events, like Melba Moore's packed-to-the rafters sold-out show at the fabulous Metropolitan Room in downtown Manhattan. I finally found my calling. As Melba sings: "This is it!"

Again, I appreciate any feedback on my development of my memoir. Thanks!


  1. Once again I'll say keep-up your great work, Charles!

  2. I always forget that your uncle was on "Startime Kids." My mother was, too. Mostly she was a regular with Lenny Dale, Kenny Sharp, and some girl named Connie Francis, LOL. I think I asked her if she ever appeared with your uncle Pat, and she couldn't remember. Pity that we'll never know for sure.