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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Audio Beaverhausen Recalls Little Eva

Little Eva was a Sixties pop singer from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn who had the good fortune to get a babysitting job with famed songwriting couple Carole King and Gerry Goffin.

She wisely sang lullabies to their baby that, when first heard by her songwriting couple, decided to do a demo with her. They noticed she had a cute way of dancing around the house and wrote a song for her.

That demo was "The Locomotion" and it went on to become a #1 single and discotheque smash. Eva's career was born and more hits were to come. Jump back!

Eventually, Eva's career ran out of locomotion.  Hits grew fewer and her star status waned.

This was always a personal favorite:

When they noticed a shiner on her eyes one day, Eva explained her boyfriend had beaten her up. "But," she added, "HHe only does it because he loves me"  They turned that into a song, later recorded by The Ronettes. Phil Spector, of course, adored it.

Eva died in 1993 of cancer in 1963 but her voice is eternal.

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