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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cine Beaverhausen: Mother's Day

It's May 1st so, naturally,Mother's Day is in the air.

The movie, Mother's Day, opened in cinemas on Friday so, obviously, it means to cash in on the holiday. It stars Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts in a hideous, very unbecoming red wig.

It's another one of those dysfunctional family get-together movies. Didn't we just go through this at Christmas?

At least this flick isn't treacly sentimental but it's still a bit hard to digest.  The film takes place one year after a mother's death. While all professional credits are fine, the final effort doesn't really seem cohesive. Garry Marshall of tv's Laverne and Shirley, the film The Flamingo Kid and more, directed ~ heavy handidly. He recently did the movie Valentine's Day. What's next for him? Memorial Day? Fourth of July?

Stay away from theaters for this luke-warm comedy. It will turn up on video soon enough.

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