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Monday, May 9, 2016

Cine Beaverhausen Wallows in The Shallows

The Shallows opens June 29th. If the preview I caught tonight is the final edit, this film should appeal to all suspense thriller and horror fans.

It's very tense and involves a woman being attacked by a great white shark. She is able to cling to a narrow raft for safety after first climbing to safety on a rock.

It's sort of Jaws on the cheap but, nonetheless, a well-made nail-biter.

Bake Lively is our damsel in distress and she does a remarkable acting job. The flick is directed with verve by Jaume Collet-Serra. He's ventured into the horror and suspense territory before with films like Orphan and the 2005 remake of House of Wax with Paris Hilton that was pretty bad, actually. But here he is provided with a good script to work with.

Here he has a good script to work with and it makes a difference. At least catch this film on video when it arrives. A scary summer treat!

Trailer at the link below:

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