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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Metropolitan Room's Tribute to Dana Lorge

A trouper to the very end, Dana Lorge had a long career in the cabaret community. For a long spell, she hosted a weekly variety show at Bernard and Joanne Furshpan's Metropolitan Room in Chelsea, NYC.

Bernie gratefully downloaded the show for all he who could not attend, and that includes myself.

Dana was a regular fixture on the cabaret scene. She was funny on-stage and beloved by all off.

Dana discovered very late that she had lung cancer. Her death sent tremors though the cabaret community. She is sincerely missed and loved by family, friends and fans. Her original song "I Was Beautiful" is a cabaret classic.

As an actress, Dana (pronounced Dan-ah) had supporting roles in films like Mel Brooks' The Producers and Moscow on the Hudson, among others.

I met her several times after shows at the Metropolitan Room and found her very charming. So, RIP, Dana. NYC cabaret mourns and misses you very much.

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