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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Hurricane Was Coming Last Night, Baby

Firstly, I continue my obsession with the Billboard dance chart by way of the pleasure of saying that Kylie Minogue has finally won the coveted #1 position in the USA! "Put Your Hands Up," which was included in my May dj promo for NYC Pride, has reached the top of the chart while Britney's "I Wanna Go" (last week's #1 charter) precipitously dropped to 7. Put your hands up for Kylie!

Now, as for the hurricane expected to hit NYC yesterday: It was a big, drizzly fizzle for most of Manhattan. The subways were stopped at noon on Saturday and most stores and diners were closed if not completely boarded up. The opened supermarkets and drug stores were packed with panicked consumers gathering up supplies like bottled water and paper towels. There were heavy rains early Sunday as I slept, but when I first stepped out later in the a.m. and through the night, there was light, intermittent rain and far-from-hurricane-level winds. My friends in Connecticut and upstate NY were not as lucky, reporting power outages and flooding, however.

International news, though, made quite a sensation of it all, showing footage of crazed Manhattanites stocking their water and supplies. My friend, Christophe, e-mailed me from France (just coming home Sunday night from vacation in Sitges, Spain), to make certain I was all right.

The stalwart Rainbows & Triangles, in Chelsea, was open Saturday afternoon and I bought the book, And Party Every Day: The Inside Story of Casablanca Records by Larry Harris (with credited assistance). Larry, cousin to none other than Casablanca Prez Neil Bogart, was executive VP and managing director of the record company essential in helping shape the sounds of classic disco (Donna Summer, Village People, etc.). He details the excesses of the times in what promises to be a rather lascivious tell-all. I'm all atwitter as I plan to begin devouring it tonight!

Speaking of "atwitter," I'm now on Twitter as BuddyBeaverha. Tweat me already.

My weekend supply of any new music was cut off, under the circumstances of the NYC storm. There are, however, all those juicy autumn releases to look forward to. And next weekend is the Labor Day weekend here which signals the new season for the arts in general and a fresh rush of dance music, in particular. Get ready for new albums from Madonna and Cher, and let the games begin!

Meanwhile, I leave you with one of my ever-favorite disco tunes & commemoration of our Hurricane Irene. From 1975, the fabulous Carol Douglas, perfect for any hurricane party:

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  1. Good to know you & NYC are basically ok ;)