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Monday, August 1, 2011

Joan Crawford Month

If you live in New York or are visiting during the month of August, be aware that this is officially Joan Crawford Month at the Clearview Chelsea Cinemas ("Where dreams come true"). The Thursday night Classics series, with a pre-show and raffle for gifts featuring the frequently hilarious Hedda Lettuce, features some of Joan's great vintage classics.

The schedule:

8/4: "Flamingo Road." Joan goes from hoochy-koochy dancer at a carnival to politician's wife. Made immediately after the success of "Mildred Pierce," Joan's Oscar winner, and based on a trashy best-seller of the time.

8/11: "Harriet Craig." Joan plays an obsessive-conpulsive control freak if you can imagine.

8/18: "This Woman Is Dangerous" because she's a gun moll!

8/25: "Queen Bee." I swear they based Joan Collins' Alexis character, in "Dynasty," on Joan's Eva Phillips, manipulating family members living under the same roof in a mansion. Joan at her bitchiest best. Fabulous outfits (even in black-&-white) as Joan works that big staircase like a true star. But don't get her upset when she has that riding crop in hand!

"Johnny Guitar." A huge cult hit. Freudian Western in which Joan vs. Mercedes McCambridge, and possibly the only western to date wherein the climactic gunfight is between two women.

Guess you know where I'll be every Thursday up to Labor Day weekend.

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