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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's on My Turntables: August 2, 2011

Here's what's currently getting frequent play on my turntables, cd player, download playlist and under consideration for my next bar/club/lounge promo.

My internet friend, Joel Dickinson, is an awesome dj/remixer who previously mixed under the moniker of Thee Werq'n B!tches. I was first aware of his work via a remix of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" and a wicked house mix of "I've Written a Letter to Daddy" sung by Bette Davis (from "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"). Joel's wry sense of camp and updated house sound, influenced by Junior Vasquez and Thunderpuss, singled him out among contemporary remixers. I have included Joel's work on some of my promos, notably in my Black Party and Mondo Disco series. Joel has gone to officially remix names, names, names like Alicia Keyes, and he tells me he is currently working on a big-name project he'll announce soon (but right now he's obligated to keep confidential).

Joel recently sent me some of his latest remixes and two, in particular, I have been playing repeatedly. I especially love Joel's take on "Fancy," covered by Reba McEntire. This is the Bobbie Gentry ("Ballad of Billy Joe") tune, sung from the first-person point-of-view about a poor Louisiana teen whose mother -- how do I say? -- pimps her off to men; the moral being that the girl ends up extremely rich and chastises the "self-righteous hypocrites" who criticized her Mama. Joel's mix is superlative and a delirious whirl making the most of the chorus: "Here's your one chance, Fancy,/Don't let me down."

Joel also brilliantly makes over "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," Cher's big showstopper from Burlesque. (The Diane Warren-penned song, I feel, was robbed of a nomination at the last Oscars ceremony.) Standing out from the numerous remixes, official and non, Joel manages to pay homage to Junior Vasquez's classic mix of Cher's "One by One" within this number and plays up the survivor theme of the lyrics in the looping.

The outstanding vocals of Carol Hahn are still in rotation on Buddy's Turntable, but now I'm leaning more towards Radboy's Fire Island Mix for its upbeat, joyous energy. In the wake of Amy Winehouse's death, I pulled out my favorite remix. To be honest, most available dance mixes of her songs failed to excite me except for Matt Pop's remix of "You Know I'm No Good" and a couple of bootleg nrg mixes of "Rehab." But my absolute fave remains the Alix Alverez remix of "Tears Dry on Their Own," which once again I can't help myself from playing.

I tweaked the Vincenzo Callea remix of Kim Sozzi's cover version of Annie Lennox's "Little Bird" to include dialogue and loops from Alfred Hitchcock's film, "The Birds" in the intro and instrumental bridge. "Is there a difference between crows and blackbirds?" I enjoy spinning this and it gets a very positive response.

Also currently getting frequent play: "Talking to the Universe" by the ageless and delightful Yoko Ono (who thought she'd end up a club queen?), Ralphi Rosario's remix being the best of several hot ones (Chris Cox, Perry Twins); Gloria Estefan's newby, "Wepa," a fresh, strong and energetic number that gets everyone off their asses and onto the dance floor. Again, I prefer Ralphi's remix. Expect this number to chart big on Billboard's Club Play dance music chart, all the way to number one. And Jennifer Hudson's "Everybody Needs Love" is a rousing big room anthem as remixed by Moto Blanco, with a major "Wave your hands in the air" refrain.

Btw, Ricky Martin's "Freak of Nature" has risen to #7 on Billboard (Dance/Club), finally well within the top ten and, I think, on its way to the number one spot.

Till the next time, stay happy, keep cool and keep on dancing, everyone, all around the world!


  1. Chockful'o'info! Love Ralphi & TWQ mixes, too!

  2. You are the go-to person for info on rare dance mixes. I believe the Reba photo--she still looks amazing, even if airbrushed--is from her #1 country hit from last year, "Turn on the Radio." Not sure why they was never remixed for dance, it has diva-like vocals.

  3. Dj Buddy BeaverhausenAugust 3, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    You're right, no dance mixes of a great tune that I'm aware of. Maybe I could tactfully suggest it to Joel. :)