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Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Eaten Alive" by Diana Ross: My Halloween Countdown Continues

Diana Ross doesn't want to get eaten alive. By her fans? Mary Wilson? Berry Gordy? Ok, let's just leave that thought right there, shall we?

"Eaten Alive" is a single released from Miss Ross' 1985 Eaten Alive album. Written as a collaboration among Barry & Maurice Gibb and Michael Jackson -- the latter also co-producing with Barry -- Jackson and Barry Gibb can be heard singing back-up, with Jackson at times co-singing lead. The dance track, I believe, peaked at #5 on the Billboard dance chart and became a modest hit on the Pop singles chart, at #27, while faring much better on the R&B singles chart, where it went to #10. The music video was quite popular, on rotation, on MTV.

The video below, by Glenn Rivera, is composed of appropriately ghoulish scenes from Jaws.

Give it a twirl & get yourself a Halloween snack!

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