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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Halloween Countdown with Judy Garland and the Purple People Eater

Indian summer feels as if it's settled in in New York, so it may not feel very Halloweeny this Columbus Day weekend. I mean, that vibe's not in the air at the moment as the crisp air gave way to a return to summer feelings and thinner blood. Did I say blood? Because our Halloween Countdown still lurches on nonetheless. And tonight, a rarity! Judy Garland singing Sheb Wooly's novelty classic, "Purple People Eater." The song was recorded live at Coconut Grove and is a prime example of Judy in concert mode. It's an unlikely choice for Miss Garland but listen to how she puts it across with such vigor and glee, and I love the sci-fi parody patter that introduces the number. Stevers62, on Youtube, also nicely bookended the song with the Twilight Zone theme. A Halloween time capsule.

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  1. The Coconut Grove show must have been around Halloween.