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Sunday, December 11, 2011

ABBA, Like an Angel Passing Through My Room (B-POP Christmas Remix)

ABBA, pictured at left, demonstrate that Swedes can look beautiful even when wrapped in tin foil. Their last recorded number before their dissolution, "Like an Angel Passing Through My Room," nicely features the voice of Agnetha Faltskog upfront. The melancholy of the song might reflect the group's dissolution at the time, and the two then-couples' disenchantment with one another. It's perfect for a Sunday night and sensitively remixed by B-Pop. Though not peak hour dance fare, it's ideal for a warm-up or cool-down to a dj set, and perfect to settle down to, and mellow out to, at home. So, may you be blessed by angels for the holiday, put one at the top of your tree and make snow angels when we finally get some snow! And may an angel pass through your room tonight and always.

And, excuse me, is Agnetha trying to look cool by hooking her thumb in her navel?

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