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Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Merry Christmas" from Joan Collins

We all know Joan Collins is best when playing evil, scheming, even murderous slags. And it's no different come Christmas season. So, here is Joan, on Christmas Eve, in the 1972 British horror film, "Tales from the Crypt." It's an anthology film and Joan's segment is first up and a classic of sorts. It was later redone on the American tv series of the same name, both film and tv show having been based upon the golden-age EC comic book.

The name of this episode is "And All Through the House," and it's mostly Joan fighting an escaped psycho from the local asylum who is dressed as Santa. However, it is in this opening minute and a half that Joan once more re-establishes her credentials as Bitch with a capital B. Isn't that heartwarming?

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