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Friday, December 16, 2011

Annie Lennox's Universal Child (dance remix)

Last year, Annie Lennox released her Christmas album,Cornucopia. Though it generally gathered positive reviews, I found it a bit glum, and Kevin Scott Hall seemed to agree when he said, in his column in Edge New York: "The Eurythmics diva brings majesty to the religious hymns and the spare arrangements are gorgeous, but otherwise sounds a bleak midwinter tone ("God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" sounds like a war march). Annie supports many charitable causes but, geez, lighten up for the holidays, Annie!"

(In that same column, Kevin discussed my dj-promo cd, "Merry Happy," of which he wrote: DJ Buddy Beaverhausen has been a follower of this column for quite some time, so I have been fortunate enough to receive some of his promo compilations. This time of year always yields a new holiday collection of mixes. Last year I wrote: "Meanwhile, for something completely different, if you can get your hands on DJ Buddy Beaverhausen’s promo Hark!, snap it up!"

This year’s disc is "Merry Happy" and selections range from the sublime (Diana Ross & The Supremes’ "My Favorite Things"―Thee Worq’n Bitches remix) to the ridiculous (The Raindolls’ 1978 "Disco Santa Claus") . . . but then, that is the point, isn’t it?

We also get reworkings of Julie Andrews’ "Do Re Mi", Madonna’s "Holiday" (what a great idea to promote this as a seasonal favorite!), Dolly Parton’s "Peace Train" and―believe it or not―the Carpenters’ "Merry Christmas Darling." Throw in Charo, Mariah and Kristine W for good (merry) measure, and you have enough to please any gay fan. And why shouldn’t we dance to Kelly Clarkson’s "Oh Holy Night"?

I asked the mysterious deejay (his promos are everywhere but he has yet to surface much on "the scene") where he finds these rare gems. (I mean, "There’s Frost on the Moon" by the Artie Shaw Orchestra featuring Peg La Centra? To die for!)

"I have an extensive collection myself and I do a lot of shopping through old vinyl and the Internet," Buddy told me. "The fun part is actually choosing because I start off with more tracks than I can actually use." Keep your eyes peeled for Buddy Beaverhausen this Christmas and, in fact, all year round.

But back to Annie. (Ahem!) Below is the beautiful, trance-like and upbeat dance remix of the song, "Universal Child," which was a single off the album. The song was written by Ms Lennox, though most tracks from that album offered the ex-Eurythmic's rendition of traditional carols.

So, here's an international dancefloor song for Christmas as we wish for peace and strive for universal co-existence. Happy holidays, move your feet to this beat, and Sweet Dreams from our Annie!

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