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Friday, December 16, 2011

Artie Shaw & Peg LaCentra, There's Frost on the Moon

Mentioned in Kevin Scott Hall's mention, on my previous blog post, of my Christmas dance cd (the strictly dj-only promo, Merry Happy) is the song, "There's Frost on the Moon" by the Artie Shaw Orchestra featuring Peg LaCentra. On my dance mix, it was the final track to wind things down and wrap the compilation up. An ending with a good, nostalgic feel, a bit camp. So, tonight's stocking stuffer is that song. Early Shaw, 1936, it has the feel of that era with its pre-Code movies, art deco architecture and marcelled hair. Grandeur and Great Depression! Even Peg is wearing raccoon in that economy. Keep warm with this cool, catchy Big Band number. (Puppini Sisters, eat yer hearts out!)

No video for this song. Sorry guys. Just an image so the song could get Youtubed and shared.

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