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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Billboard USA's Club Chart, December 8, 2011

Beyonce's "Countdown" stalled, in this week's Billboard dance countdown, in the #2 position as Enrique Iglesias, featuring Pitbull & the WAVs, snatches the numero uno spot away from her ascendency to the top of the heap. Anjulie's "Brand New Bitch" is up at 3 followed by "Buy My Love" by the always-of-interest vocalist, Wynter Gordon, at 4.

The rest of this week's Billboard Top 25 Dance/Club Songs chart shows promise. Traci Lords scores a new hit as she makes rapid progress in six weeks of release with "Last Drag." This is not the first time at the rodeo for the ex-underage-porn star (hey, ya gotta start somewhere). In 1995, she scored big on the music scene with the house-music track, "Fallen Angel," which went to #2 on Billboard that year. Well, praise the Lords, she's back at it with a fresh new number to have us all in a twirl!

Right behind her is recent club fave Erika Jayne with "Party People." Ms Jayne has a number of hits under her garder belt, most notably "Rollercoaster" and (my fave) "Pretty Mess." Check her out online at

"Give," by LeAnn Rimes, reaches #17. Favorite mix for this one? The Almighty remix, of course. "Whenever," by Zarkana, is on my latest cd-r dj club promo ("Fagtastic Too"). Zarkana is a show by Cirque du Soleil, from which this is based, and it features both male and female vocals in a driving house production that'll make you shake your money-makers. You'll want the extended Ralphi Rosario remix, trust me. The song broke into the Top 25 at 22, jumping from 27 last week.

Laura LaRue, so entertaining around Pride time with "San Francisco Is My Disco," returns with the new "Un Deux Trois" (#23) and the fabulous Rosabel with Tamara Wallace round out the chart at #25 with "Let Me Be Myself" (hey, didn't Leslie Gore sing that line?), up all the way from 37 last week. So check out these artists and support them by legally downloading the songs that make you move.

Till next my chart chat, enjoy the music, come together. Love, peace, happiness, out!

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