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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blue Christmas - Cyndi Lauper

Sometimes Christmas can be melancholy and not joyous at all. Like this year for me, as I'm missing a very special person in my life. The country Christmas classic, "Blue Christmas," captures the sad feelings the holidays can bring so well. And nobody puts it across the way Cyndi does on this track from her new ep, "Home for the Holidays."

Cyndi's voice is powerful though restrained and it's clear as a church bell. Hark, a new song from Cyndi is always worth heralding! This is no exception and she's really at her best. Splendidly done.

On my Christmas Countdown, then, here's the Youtube link.


  1. Go Cyndi! This is now my favorite version of this song. (Incidentally, her duet with Norah Jones, "Home for the Holidays" itself, is getting some chart action. But this is sublime!

  2. Yes, I agree it's the best version of this stalwart number.