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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joni Mitchell - River

Today's Stocking Stuffer is a companion piece to today's Cyndi Lauper's Christmas Countdown number. From the classic album, Blue, it's another blue Christmas, this time for Joni Mitchell. Ok, break out the Jack Daniels, it's time for some good ol' holiday self-pity!


  1. Hey Buddy, I've been wondering if there are any really good disco Christmas recordings and can't come up with any. Suggestions?

  2. Johnny, YOU, Mr Disco himself, are asking me. I'm thinking Charo & Salsoul Orch., Mamacita Donde Esta Santa Claus?; Raindolls, "Disco Santa Claus"; Universal Robot Band, "Disco Santa Claus" -- all genuine 70s Disco Xmas music. :)

  3. Oops, that's Robot Band doing "Disco Christmas." Btw, these are all linked on my blog for my Xmas Countdown, so, scroll thru!