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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love One Another this Christmas

Christmas is about love, peace and happiness. So it's only right to include this song by club diva Amber.

Though I don't personally know Amber at all, she is among my Facebook Friends, and I have found her to be very politically aware, funny, intelligent and sensitive. Besides that, she has great pipes, is a fabulous songwriter (she wrote "Bless You, Child" for Bette Midler, for example) and has taken control of her own career; bravo!

Amber started her career with the Berman Bros.-produced "This Is Your Night," a huge club hit in the mid-'90s. Other club smashes include "Sexual (La-di-la)," "Above the Clouds" and "Melt with the Sun."

"Love One Another" was covered by Cher, on her Living Proof album. I love the Cher version but, even more, I love Amber's original. Here is my favorite remix of that song and an exciting VJ video to accompany it.

So, enjoy and add this to your Christmas Party list. Support our independent and LGBT community supportive artists by legally downloading their music.

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