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Friday, January 13, 2012

Disco Gossip and Billboard Dance/Club Chart

I don't know what color Madonna's fingernails were painted, but I'm guessing Jungle Red.

"Lady Gaga has been up front about her admiration for Madonna. But does Madonna share the love?" demanded Reuters after Madonna's scratch-her-eyes-out diss on ABC-tv.

Cynthia McFadden can be a big yawn as an interviewer and, last night, she proved it yet again on Nightline with Her Madgesty as guest. However, the juicy part of that interview appears tonight on 20/20.

“I thought this is a wonderful way to redo my song,” Madonna slyly says of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

“I mean, I recognized the chord changes." LOL! "I thought it was… interesting.”

Uh-oh! And she's just warmin' up, folks! “I certainly think she references me a lot in her work. And sometimes I think it’s amusing and flattering and well done,” Madonna adds. (Note strategic use of the word "sometimes.") “When I heard it on the radio,... I said that sounds very familiar."

When McFadden asks if that's annoying, Madonna responds, “It felt reductive.” McFadden asks what Madonna means by using that word. "Look it up," the diva says as she sips her tea with a hilarious set of bitchy expressions passing over her face.

Oh my God! It's so catty, you gotta love it!

But let's move on (no matter how hard it may be) to a quick, totally subjective and absolutely biased run-down of this week's Billboard Dance/Club Top 25. Therein, Lady Gaga lays claim to the #1 spot with "Marry the Night." Deborah Cox floats beautifully to the third-place niche with the Janice Robinson-written "If It Wasn't for Love." Gloria Estefan's fabulous, Dr Buzzard-like "Hotel Nacional" up at #4, Florence & the Machine now at #5 with "Shake It Out." "Let Me Be Myself" up to #9 from 12th place last week, while Traci Lords' new one bottoms out the top ten.

Erika Jayne's "Party People" drops precipitously from 1 to 11, while Gravitonis feels the pull of gravity. "Everybody Dance" rose to the 18th spot last week, now slips to the 20th. Too gay? Too European? Or simply not enough payola?

Ultra Nate and Michelle Williams nudge up yet one more nook to #21 with the great "Waiting on You" while Plumb and Erasure each break into the top 25 with "Drifting" and "Be with You," respectively.

"Give," by LeAnn Rimes, narrowly missed out on the top ten, as it rose as high as #11, but has given in to 25th place this week, finishing my rundown. For a full chart listing of the top 25 dance tunes, visit Billboard online this week.

Love all around the world to all you guys! Keep your eyes and ears open on the Madonna/Gaga fallout cuz it ain't over, dont'cha just know it! Peace on Earth, except amongst fierce divas who keep it interesting!


  1. Fierce divas do keep it interesting, Buddy B, by public feuding a'la old movie stars. Madonna knows how to work it and, I'm sure, so does Gaga. Loved your comments as usual.

  2. Sorry, but is Madonna hoping to persuade anyone that she ever produced anything original? Channeling Marilyn through the largely unsung work of NY DJs and talented producers seems far more lame to me than Gaga's current inspired and eclectic mash-up of genre, decades and dance grooves.

  3. I agree, Johnny, and so does David Furnish it appears.