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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kelly Clarkson Bursts onto the Billboard Dance/Club Chart + the Return of Amber and Doris Day!

The dance artist simply known as Amber, a consistent and supportive friend of the LGBT community as well, announced this week that she has returned to the studio to work on a new album. This is big news in dance-music circles, as Amber has inspired us to get up and move it since the '90s, with hits like "This Is Your Night," "Sexual," "Melt with the Sun" and "Above the Clouds."

The recording studio is "[o]bviously one of the places on Earth, where I am happiest...," she recently expressed to friends. So I'm anticipating great things. Amber was a Grammy nominee as the writer of "Love One Another" for Cher's cover version (Amber originally recorded the song) and also wrote "Bless You Child" for Bette Midler, which deserved to have remixers on board for a maxi-single of 12" club mixes. Never happened, though the tune is dancetastic even on the album version.

Amber's last club hit was a cover of "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)." Zelma Davis, of C&C Music Factory fame, collaborated on the duet.

The forthcoming album is produced by longtime collaborator Wolfram Dettki, whom she's worked with since the beginning of her recording career, Amber explained to me. However, her first two albums were produced by the Berman Brothers. Amber then began to assert control over her career and, when she did Sexual, her third album, Dettki was producer and has been to this day. (Ummm, the Thunderpuss remix of "Sexual" is so awesome, still!)

So, welcome back, Amber! We eagerly await your newest work and hope it will make its way up the Billboard Dance/Club chart to #1. Which is where we're going next... but after the official 1999 video for Amber's song, "Sexual" (album version) which, on Billboard's club chart that year, made it all the way to #1. She's going to do it again, folks, I just know it!

Now, first, some amazing news from Billboard's pop chart before we go on to dance music. Says Billboard:

Beloved actress and singer Doris Day returns to the Billboard 200 after a 47-year absence, as "My Heart" debuts at No. 135.

First released in England, the set began at No. 9 on the Official U.K. Albums Chart in September, marking Day's first top 10 on the list. With the bow, Day, 87, became the senior-most female artist to notch a U.K. top 10 with a collection of newly-released material.

On the Billboard 200, Day appears for the first time since 1964, when "Love Him!" spent eight weeks on the chart, peaking at No. 102.

"Heart" features recordings produced by Day's son, Terry Melcher, before his death in 2004....

I have to admit that Doris Day, as both an actress and singer, has been a lifelong guilty pleasure of mine. Kudos, Doris! Any thoughts of co-starring in anything with Betty White? She's an animal rights activist, too. Could she, maybe, coax you out of retirement with the idea of proceeds going to PETA?

So, now, the dance chart, Top 25 update: Gloria Estefan usurps the #1 spot this week, as the divine Deborah Cox tumbles to ten with the Janice Robinson-penned "If It Wasn't for Love," which is fantastic. Estefan's "Hotel Nacional" is swing-gone-disco, Dr Buzzard-style; so, hey, Puppini Sisters, get some remixes together, girls!

Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night," also a numero uno, beds down at #8 after a strong 7 weeks on the Dance Chart. Florence + the Machine's "Shake It Out" stalls at #4 but could rev up next week. Let's see.

Rosabel's "Let Me Be Myself" hits 11 after snagging #7 last week, but the great Ultra Nate & Michelle Williams' "Waiting on You" rises, after a slow start, to #12 from 17 last week. I hope this one goes to the bitchin' top!

Erika Jayne's "Party People" and Traci Lords' "Last Drag" are clinging in there, currently at 13 and 19, respectively. Plumb's dreamy "Drifting" drifts up to 14 from last week's 20 (good going!) and "Be with You" by Britain's Erasure soars from #22 to 17.

Now, Kelly! Kelly Clarkson, after all that advice I bestowed on you, sweety, in that infamous blog piece... Honey baby child lamb, you got your ass in the #24 nitch with "Stronger" (and I guess you are)! And, last week, you were #40! Bitch: all's I got to say! Except, I do like the song. Really.

Finally, Gravitonas holds on, against the gravitational pull, but at numero 25. And that rounds out the Billboard Dance/Club Chart Top 25 for the week!

Ok, love you all! Kisses, bitches, all over this fucking globe! Thanks for your support! Blog's going through the stratosphere. Thanks to everyone around the planet, and welcome aboard, Iceland!

Year of the Dragon: know it's gonna be hot (I'm a dragon)! Best to everyone, and much universal love!

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