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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Madonna's Top Five Videos According to Billboard

"Whenever Madonna performs on TV it is an event," says Billboard in this week's issue.

You might believe that if you've seen this ad. The accompanying music sounds more appropriate for a new The Omen movie than for Madonna at Superbowl, as if it will be positively apocalyptic, as it might very well be.

"Thus, on the eve of her Super Bowl halftime show (Feb. 5), we're counting down her top five best TV performances ever. Determined by's foremost Madonna experts, this ranking presents some obvious choices, along with at least one surprise selection," Billboard gushes. (And who are these "foremost Madonna experts," exactly?)

One thing you'll note amongst the Top 5 is the diva's notorious borrowing of the Marilyn image. Despite the fact that she smugly demeaned Lady Gaga, recently, for being derivative, disco historian and author of the books Disco: The Music, the Times, The Era as well as the definitive Gaga, Johnny Morgan, commented thusly on this blog:

"Sorry, but is Madonna hoping to persuade anyone that she ever produced anything original? Channeling Marilyn through the largely unsung work of NY DJs and talented producers seems far more lame to me than Gaga's current inspired and eclectic mash-up of genre, decades and dance grooves."

"Express Yourself" was, in fact, stolen by Madonna from the Staple Singers' song, "Respect Yourself," both melodically and thematically.

See what you think as you watch the following five videos Billboard claims are Madonna's "top five best TV performances ever."

#5. "Vogue," MTV Video Music Awards (1990):

#4. "Hung Up," The 48th Annual Grammy Awards (2006):

#3. "Like a Virgin," MTV Video Music Awards (1984):

(Madonna's nervousness is apparent in her voice in this novice Awards performance.)

#2. "Sooner or Later," The 63rd Academy Awards (1991)
From the film, Dick Tracy:

#1. "Express Yourself," MTV Video Music Awards (1989):

Madonna will do her new single and intended club hit, "Give Me All Your Luvin'" at Superbowl. Expect cheerleaders and hunky male dancers galore for this number. Her latest album, MDNA, is released March 26 in the States.


  1. Lordy, where did you get that photo at the top? She's really showing her age in that one, which is rare for her.

  2. I doubt she gave final approval to that old skank look.