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Monday, January 30, 2012

Winners Announcement: Divas and Blog Readers!

With an exciting last-minute vote, my poll has a tie for favorite all-time diva. With a total of 29 votes, Cher and Lady Gaga each were given 7 votes. (No news yet on the release date of their dance-floor duet, as we await with bated breath.) Betty White is #2 with 6 votes (not bad for someone with one dance hit to her name). Go, Betty! Rihanna had 4 votes; Katy Perry had 3 and Kylie finishes off with two.

Meanwhile, my cd-promo, "Love, Love & Love", goes absolutely free as promotional giveaways to competition winners: John and Andy, each in the USA; and Damek in the Czech Republic. Congratulations, guys!

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