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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones: Daydream Believer 1986 Remix

Hard to believe that Davy Jones, of The Monkees, died today at just age 66, of a heart attack. As a kid, I always had a little crush on Davy, always so mod and cute and cuddly. He was my favorite Monkee. Well, he's now taken the Last Train to Clarksville direct to Davy Jones' locker, but he will always be remembered, I think, as a quintessential teen idol and pop singer of the '60s.

One of my favorite Monkees numbers is "Daydream Believer," with Davy singing lead. Below is the remix (not a club mix, guys, but wouldn't that be great!) from 1986, when The Monkees were touring with their first reunion.

The Monkees were American commercial television's answer to The Beatles. Nonetheless, several of The Monkees' songs have become pop classics of their own. Ironically, Davy Jones, as a child, reprised his West End stage role as The Artful Dodger from Oliver on the same Ed Sullivan Show on which The Beatles appeared, before Davy was old enough to Monkee around.

Here's the trailer for Bob Rafaelson's Head, The Monkees' knock-off of The Beatles' Help. (Jack Nicholson co-wrote the screenplay.)

Rest in peace, David Jones.

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  1. RIP Davy Jones. Always loved him. Thanks for a great tribute DJ Buddy Beaverhausen.