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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Look at the Chart: This Week's Billboard Dance/Club Top 25

While Havana Brown featuring Pitbull captures the #1 position on this week's Billboard Dance/Club chart, "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson drops to second place. (The less said about a song entitled "F U Betta" by Neon Hutch, the betta, I think. It's #3.)

Madonna cracks the top ten, up 14 spots from last week! "Give Me All Your Luvin'" makes a huge leap to #10, attributed to dj club play that reflects her strong promo of the song at Superbowl half-time. Our modern-day Joan Crawford once again reinvents herself to amazingly capture the pop-culture youth market.

Yoko Ono's "She Gets Down on Her Knees" gets up to the 18th position, from 22 last week. Won't be surprised if Ono makes it all the way to #1; she usually does. Talk about recapturing the youth market! Yoko just turned 79, bless her and her ever creative and irreverant wit.

After peaking at #7, Erasure's "Be with You" hangs in strongly at 21 after 12 weeks on the chart.

And "Love on Top" by Beyonce makes it into the Top 25 at #25. Expect it to peak at #1. Great remixes to push it there.

In the meantime, enjoy this dance-music video, set in a nursing home. (Ok, all you disco dinosaurs, prepare!) It's the always fabulous Crystal Waters doing a swing-goes-disco number (a'la the recent Gloria Estefan charter, "Hotel Nacional") with a serious Doctor Buzzard & His Savannah Band sound. Puppini Sisters, let's get with it!

Love it!

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