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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mondo Whitney

You learn a lot when you read National Enquirer, like how Adele dissed Jennifer Hudson when the latter diva offered the former her Weight Watchers weight-loss tips backstage at the Grammys. "Jennifer congratulated Adele on her six trophies," the Enquirer said. J-Hud added: "'I used to be heavy JUST LIKE YOU [emphasis added] and, gosh, Weight Watchers saved my life!'" Adele was reportedly outwardly gracious but privately annoyed. "'The nerve of that woman!'" Adele huffed to friends shortly afterwards. Well, it was cheeky if well intended!

But Whitney is the tabloid's main meal, starting with its outrageous, controversial cover picture of Ms Houston laid out in her coffin at what was to be a very private ceremony.

The first article on Whitney I came across in this horrifyingly informative rag was "WHITNEY FUNERAL SHOCKER as Aretha Stays Away: Queen of soul in a WAR OF WORDS with Houston Family." Yep, bad blood! Seems Miss Thing, who has claimed to be an "honorary aunt" and godmother to Whitney is neither! (Whitney's true godmother being Darlene Love.)

Dionne Warwick was stunned when she introduced Miss Ree only to look "about dumbfounded, waiting for her to appear." Well, it seems Aretha had appeared on Today with Al Roker just the day before. Although the frank Franklin spoke well of Whitney, the immediate family became furious about her comments that Whitney may not have gotten the family advice needed. Here's the interview (what's with that wig?):

Aretha's p.r. people said the diva cited "leg spasms" as the reason she couldn't make the church service. But, a few hours later, she went on as scheduled, at her Radio City Music Hall show.

The centerpiece of the Enquirer repeats and enlarges the Whitney-in-a-box photo for bad-taste value with a gratuitous write-up. Not one, but two, articles discuss Whitney's marriage and later relationship with Bobby Brown. "If it hadn't been for you, she'd be alive today," Cissy Houston is said to have accused the singer.

Well, Dj Buddy Beaverhausen confesses he doesn't know what to make of all this, though he was entertained. At least there was no mention, respectfully, of her medication/drug/alcohol abuse.

That comes next week.


  1. Where do you find these photos? Aretha's LEGS were her problem? How did she even get out of the house with those bazungas? And what a sorry picture of Whitney, without makeup and looking 20 years older than her age.

  2. Aretha's legs were apparently fine at Radio City Music Hall.Not another diva-in-motorized-wheelchair act.