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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Marcella Puppini (of The Puppini Sisters): Dance Floor Diva!

Now it can be told! Because there's a 2012 remix of the song. But it turns out that the demure Marcella Puppini, of the popular swing/jazz group, The Puppini Sisters, was once a wild disco diva. And I have the evidence!

Below is the video of Rich B's 2012 update of his 2002 recording with Ms Puppini. She can be quite the vixen, it turns out.

Marcella, please! Imagine if you and your "Sisters" were remixed for the dancefloor! Gloria Estefan, Crystal Waters, and Dr Buzzard & His Savannah Band have already been there, done that. Take a tip from Dj Buddy B.


  1. Is Marcella Puppini any relation to Picola Pupa? [Anybody actually remember her!?]

  2. She was an Italian girl singer who appeared in such classics as "Ghost in the Invisible Bikini." Gee, can't figure why her career went nowhere!