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Friday, May 11, 2012

BETTE MIDLER - Marahuana (Continental Bath)

Bath house Bette
Bette recorded this song on her album, Songs for the New Depression. However, she originally tried it out at the gay men's bath house, The Continental Baths, in New York City, with pianist Barry Manilow.

This is from old super-8mm footage, now like a primitive time capsule recording. And Bette is fab, better than on her recorded version of this song (backed by the campy '70s male trio, Gotham, on the album track).

This song was originally done by none other than Miss Kitty Carlisle from the film, Murder at the Vanities.

So, take a step back into the early '70s; here's Bette at her most outrageous.

Because embedding is disabled at the link, just click on "watch on YouTube."

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