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Friday, May 25, 2012

Buddy's Billboard Blab

Moog and his original synthesizer
This week, on May 23, it was the birthday of Dr Bob Moog (May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005), inventor of the Moog synthesiser and pioneer of electronic music. Giorgio Moroder brought the synthesizer sound to disco and dance music, but Moog is essentially the father of today's electronica.

Congratulations to saucy gay icon Adam Lambert on being the first American Idol to replace another in the #1 spot on the Billboard albums chart. And for being the first openly gay man to go #1 with his new album, Trespassing.

“I was out of the closet the whole time [on American Idol]. The whole time! No one ever said to me... Ryan Seacrest didn't go, 'You gay?'” he told Chelsea Handler on her talk show.

The Smash soundtrack, three weeks on the albums chart, debuted at #9, went to 13, then bounced back to 11. God, I miss that show on Monday nights!

Karmin kaptures the #1 position on the Billboard dance/club round-up this week. Great remixes by Mixin' Marc & Tony Sveja, and Razor N Guido surely help lift this catchy number. Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" follows at #2, bound to hit the numero uno position next week. (Can't wait to see her in Battleship.)

Jennifer Lopez still doing nicely in danceworld at #4, an ex-number one-er with the catchy make-u-wanna dance tune, "Dance Again." And you'll want to every time you hear this.

While Gotye's indy "Somebody That I Used to Know" has topped the pop chart for weeks, it has dropped back to 5th place on the club chart, after apparently peaking at #4 last week. Meanwhile, two hot numbers are boiling their way up. Toni Braxton's "I Heart You" bubbles up to 12th place while Ralphi Rosario's cover of the Patrick Cowley/Sylvester classic, "Menergy," featuring Shawn Christopher on vocals, leaps from #23 to #17.

It's Pride season, as the dance chart may suggest. And my club cd promos are on the way. (Win one in a soon-to-be-posted competition!)

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