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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stayin' Alive: My Bay Ridge Power Walk

Just as you've got to climb Mt Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls, conversely, there's an uphill climb from the Bay Ridge waterfont to reach home I learned today.

I first committed to do a power walk with downstairs friend and neighbor, Kevin, last week but finked out. Today, when he called on me, I reluctantly agreed to his "see you in 15 minutes." Off we went into the sunny, 80+ degree weather, but not before I stopped into our downstairs deli to buy coffee and bottled water required for this adventure. 

You see, I've never been to the waterfront here before, so Kevin was my guide on how to actually get there. You have to know the way. We were dressed in shorts, tees, sneakers, sunglasses and caps (mine the souvenir cap from the revival of reviled musical, Carrie).  Past the stately manors west of Third Ave we hoofed it, finally reaching an overpass at Shore Road that took us across the Parkway to the other side, where we covered the waterfront.

To one side, the view of the imposing structure of the Verazzano Bridge traversing the water; to the other, the isle of Manhattan glittering like Oz with its array of shiny skyscrapers. Large barges anchor offshore on the restful waters. And the briny odor of the bay filling our lungs. It was gorgeous! We sat for awhile to chat, bask in the breeze of the river, soak up the sun and take a load off.  It felt reinvigorating, rejuvenating, refreshing.

Back we went, walking down to Bay Ridge Ave., so we could stroll through the little but well-tended botanical garden where we literally stopped to smell the roses. (Scentsual!) There was a small bamboo forest and a cluster of bird houses amongst the varied flora. (This is as close as I like to get to communing with Nature, by the way.)

It was a long, sweaty schlep back, uphill, to Third Avenue. A wink and a wave to my friends, Tony and Kevin, in the deli. My pal Kevin and I parted ways at his second-floor apartment, and I climbed once more to my place and, at last, a shower, now well needed.

So, I'm feeling good! Very good. I'm glad I went. I'm glad I walked. I'm glad I let Kevin nudge me into doing this. My body thanks me as I sit here, a bit sore but it hurts so good, and it's glad, too. Think I'll go do it again, solo, tomorrow. If you watch Saturday Night Fever, you'll think Bay Ridge is some sort of claustrophobic urban nightmare. But, as Sportin' Life would say, "It ain't necessarily so."

It is 87 degrees, but a sumptuously, sunny day right now. Soak up the sun, y'all!

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