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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's My Party/Mother's Day

It is my birthday, but also Mother's Day. The first Mother's Day of my life without her, when I can't pick up the phone to wish her a happy one and remind her I love her; and I can't hear her voice wishing me a happy birthday. So, there's no question that this landmark birthday/Mother's Day is a little bit blue.

Happy Birthday/Mother's Day!

I'm with friends in Connecticut for my birthday, however.  And that's a great thing, to have their company, comfort, support and love. And to celebrate together. Tracey and Merv live up here in a cozy home nestled in the woods, just off the roadway, with a sprawl of sloping lawn behind the house. Yesterday was Tracey's birthday and we had a shared little birthday party together.

I came up on the train with my friend, Kevin, and we were met at the Metro-North station in Fairfield by Tracey and Merv, riding out to their place in the convertible, roof down, on such a gorgeous day. Jen, Tracey's sister, showed up after we got home, and we all sat at a table on the lawn, having drinks and gossiping.

After our host and birthday girl's shrimp scampi and salad for dinner, we were joined by Jen's husband, Art.  He arrived, ride on time, for the birthday cake Jen made, and Tracey and I blew the candles out in a coordinated effort. Gifts were exchanged, and the love and liquor flowed easily. I was very pleased with my thoughtful, funny birthday cards and practical presents for my relatively new apartment back in Bay Ridge.

Bell, Book & Candle
After Jen and Art left, we remaining four settled in for a late night viewing of the film Bell, Book and Candle before bed.

This morning, my Facebook timeline was alive with Birthday wishes, including a video from Amber (one of my favorite dancefloor divas), singing Happy Birthday! Does it get better than that?

We'll see what today has to offer. Brunch at the Sandy Hook Diner? Jones Winery tasting, stocking up on their delicious strawberry wine?

Having a great birthday, Mom. I feel you're with me. And, as you are well aware, it's my party (and I'll cry if I want to). Love you on this and every Mother's Day.

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