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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Joan Crawford: the Remix, & Billboard Brief 5/10/12

It behooves me to mention that today, May 10, 2012, is the 35th anniversary of Joan Crawford's death (1977). To commemorate, play the audio remix, by stevers62, at the link below. (Lots of interesting tidbits on his channel.)

Today's Billboard charts reveal a double whammy for Gotye and "Somebody That I Used to Know." The song holds onto its #1 spot on the Top 100 while taking #1 away from Katy Perry's "Part of Me," which lands at 7th place on the magazine's Dance/Club chart. On the Top Albums chart, meanwhile, the just-released Smash soundtrack debuts at #9. (I'll be discussing the album next week when, after the series' season finale, I recap the entire season in a Buddy Beaverhausen synopsis that explains it all to you in breathless detail.)

Toni Braxton is back! Her new dance number debuts in the Top 25 club chart at #23, up from 29 last week after a 9-week chart stint so far. The song, "I Heart You" has several nice mixes but my fave is by Mark Picchiotti. It starts as a ballad before the beats are brought in, reminiscent of a classic disco piece; something Gloria Gaynor or Donna Summer might have done. Excellent work, and welcome back, girl! ( I meant Toni; Mark's been around.  :)  ) At the bottom of this post is the VJ Tony Mendes' video for Mark's great remix.

Jennifer Lopez continues to gain, now at #3 with "Dance Again;" Rihanna's "Where Have You Been?" arrives in the Top 25 dance/club songs chart at #11; Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" continues a slow slide from its #1 spot weeks ago, now at #15.

And "Never Give Up," by Phil B, featuring one of my absolute favorite contemporary dance divas, the fantastic, can-do-no-wrong Debby Holiday, now at #23 after 9 weeks on the Billboard dance chart, peaking at 9th place. But it ain't fair, I tell ya. This one should have gone straight to the top!

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