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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Merry Month of May's Miscellaneous Missives

A loving Judy & her dewy daughter, Liza
Like the Wicked Witch of the West, who knew how to screw up a good time, Liza Minnelli weighs in on the Broadway hit, "End of the Rainbow" which is, of course, about her mum, Judy Garland.

Writes Billboard on the matter: "Liza is back! The long-unavailable recording of Liza Minnelli's legendary Winter Garden concert in 1974 is available for the first time. The singer/actress, who charmingly still uses words like swell and grand, spoke to Billboard about 'Live at the Winter Garden' and her lasting career, being a gay icon along along with Lady Gaga, plus she takes issue with 'End of the Rainbow,' a new Broadway play about her mother, Judy Garland, that Backstage describes as a 'tabloid view of Garland's final descent into despair and self-destruction.'

"It amazes me that they can do anything they want and say anything they want that's not true," she told us about the show, which she has not seen. [Emphasis my own.] "It upsets all of us, but not to the point where you get really upset. It's more like, 'Oh please!'"

As Mother's Day is coming up, I'll give her a pass for defending the memory of her mom.  I'd do the same. But, really, do you think keeper-of-the-flame, Liza, would say:"Yes! They nailed it! Mom was a mess!" Lorna might.

Meanwhile, Ellen touchingly talked about Obama on the subject of marriage equality. (By the way, I love her smartly asexual outfits.) See what I mean about her chatter:

RuPaul as both Pres. & 1st Lady Obama, celebrating equality under the law

Lastly,  I want to share with you the outrageous 1979 disco number, "Sexy Cream," which I discovered on the latest double-cd Uk compilation, Disco Discharge: American Hot, discussed in an earlier post:;postID=2194661964403374134

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